Fully Funding IDEA

June 13, 2016
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A recent news item came out discussing the funding levels of IDEA. John spent time discussing this with Dr. Rod Berger on another episode of CoffeED.

Check out the interview here.

Here’s what John had to initially say about Schumer’s position:

It would be wonderful if the federal government would fully fund its portion of IDEA.  Schools, families, but most importantly children would benefit.  However, before Schumer made his urge last week, Iowa 5X Senator Tom Harkin, and chair of the Senate Health, Education, Labor and pensions Committee made the same call annually.

I don’t think Schumer has any more clout than Harkin did.  It’s a symbolic but meaningless gesture to call for full funding.  A champion needs to be willing to draw some political blood or do some horse-trading, but the support for a fully funding IDEA never gets to that level.